As the UK's largest independent Commercial Vehicle Auctions we provide a range of services for both our buyers and sellers alike, to ensure that everybody can get the best deal for themselves at auction! A selection of our auction services includes:

  • Regular Auction Sales - we hold auctions every week at our propose-built Doncaster auction premises
  • Real-time Online Bidding - Using 'LiveBid' you need not  attend the auction day itself and can bid safely online from the comfort of your office or home
  • Sales at Customer Premises - our specialist team of auctioneers, drivers, administration and support staff can provide the same professional, auction-day service at your own premises
  • Asset Valuations - our experienced valuation team are able to provide you with accurate appraisals of any specialist commercial assets
  • Nationwide Vehicle collection & delivery - we provide a complete service for the collection and delivery of commercial vehicles
  • Bailiff Services - we offer an efficient, professional and responsive facility for the recovery of commercial vehicles and assets for finance houses, vehicle leasing companies and insolvency specialists.
  • Secure Vehicle Storage - whilst on-site awaiting sale or collection, your vehicles are stored on-site and protected by our round-the-clock security measures.
  • Valeting Service - our team of professional on-site valeters will work hard to prepare all vehicles for sale.
  • Decommissioning, Repairs and De-livery - prior to sale we will remove of all corporate livery/signage and re-instate cosmetic trim as part of our valeting service
  • End of Contract Inspections - at a customers own premises, or on our site, our specialist valuers can provide a full, independent vehicle appraisal for end-of-contract lease periods or sales
  • Tailored Pre & Post Sale Reporting - for our large corporate sellers we offer full pre and post-sale reporting which we can tailor to suit your own accounting systems and practices.

Our extensive experience within the commercial auction industry has enabled us to develop a strong Vendor customer base that ensures that we have a wide choice of vehicles for all types of buyers at each of our auctions.

Our range of Vendors includes:

  • Major corporate Banks
  • Leasing & Contract Hire companies
  • Large Fleet Operators
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Insolvency Specialists
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Plant, machinery and truck Dealers/Traders
  • Individual owner operators

For both our auction buyers and sellers, marketing is more important to us than any of the other Auction Services we provide.

We carry out an extensive program of vehicle marketing in order to bring together these two commercial groups and to ensure that they are able to get the best deal they can. For buyers this means being able to easily identify a wide selection of vehicles that will be of particular interest to them on sale day. For sellers this means bringing in large numbers of these buyers to our auction sales and maximizing the sales revenue of their lots through increased, competitive bidding.

Marketing Methods

Our extensive experience in the commercial vehicle sales industry has allowed us to identify a wide selection of marketing practices which we know will deliver interest from targeted auction bidders, both throughout the UK and Europe.

We have built up a huge database of frequent auction buyers and their individual vehicle preferences, which allows us to target them individually with email marketing communications which we know will be of interest to them.

Additionally, we have direct relationships with all of the leading commercial vehicle publishers and trade press, transport industry bodies, and plant and truck trading websites, both here and abroad. Whether offline, through their traditional magazine publications, or increasingly online we will advertise vehicles on behalf of sellers to get the best price we can for them.

You will find just a small selection of our marketing industry partners and publishers below:

  • Truck Trader
  • Plant Trader
  • Commercial Motor Road Transport
  • Motor Transport
  • Resale Weekly
  • Plant World
  • Truck Locator
  • Plant Locator
  • Northern Ireland Trader
  • Truck Mart Poland
  • Farmers Guardian
  • Farmers Weekly


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