Before you complete the registration form, please read the following.

All new buyer registrations must be a VAT registered company (Unless exporting the vehicle) and subject to a minimum £2000 deposit. Payable by bank transfer only, our bank details are listed further down this article. The deposit is refundable upon request, in the event of non-purchases, to the bank details you provide and will be actioned within 48 hours. Upon purchase, the deposit will be allocated to your invoice(s) and will not be refunded. Non payment of any invoice will result in the deposit being held to cover any potential shortfall in resale value.

  Note for Overseas Buyers

As our incoterms are Ex-Works, this is classed as an indirect export, ie, you are exporting the vehicle/trailer/van/plant item from us, we are not delivering to you.

Therefore, the VAT MUST be paid in full on any purchase with no exceptions.  This of course, will be refunded upon submission of verifiable export proof and the purchase(s) must be exported within the 3 months from purchase date as advised by HMRC.  Zero-rated invoices can be issued after full payment is received as we understand some countries customs departments are attempting to charge import duty on the VAT element on the invoices.

Please see the link to the guidance from HMRC in the UK, paying particular attention to section 6.6, regarding VAT being held as a deposit until adequate export proof is submitted.

We will issue your user name and password upon cleared funds in our bank account. Details below;

  • Account Name - Protruck Auctions Ltd
  • Bank - HSBC
  • Sort Code - 402840
  • Account Number - 10040444

For International Customers/Telegraphic Transfers, please use the details below;

  • Account Name - Protruck Auctions Ltd
  • Bank - HSBC
  • IBAN - GB24HBUK40284010040444
  • Bank Address - 5a Lakeside, Penman Way, Grove Park, Enderby, LE19 1SY

See full Conditions of Sale.

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