As a responsible employer we are committed to the highest standards of health and safety for all of our staff members when carrying out their responsibilities, both on our own premises, and also at a customers premises - when staging an off-site auction, or transporting vehicles to/from their address.

Additionally, as a member of the community, we also have a responsibility to the order and management of our premises and the effect that this may have on the local environment.

  • Auction sales shall only be conducted on the premises between the hours of 9.00am and 6.00pm
  • Sales held on Sundays will comply with Sunday trading legislation and planning consents where appropriate
  • All reasonable precautions will be taken to maintain public order in the premises and to minimise any nuisance or annoyance to residents in the neighborhood
  • No material change, either permanent or temporary, in the structure or layout of the part of the premises registered for the relevant auction sale, shall be made without prior approval of the council
  • Protruck will take all reasonable precautions for the safety of all persons visiting the premises
  • All methods of access and exit - doorways, corridors, staircases etc. - that could be used as a means of escape, will be kept free of obstruction, be immediately available and adequately illuminated
  • Any special safety recommendations of the local fire service will be complied with at all times
  • Members of the public will not be prevented from entering or leaving the premises during any trading session

Your role in keeping safe at the auction

Most important to us, the health and safety of all visitors whilst on our premises is of paramount importance and we respectfully ask all of our customers to adhere to the following rules whilst on our auction premises and when using any of our auction facilities:

  • No persons under the age of 16 years
  • Pets and livestock are not allowed on-site
  • All customers need to be aware of any moving vehicles while on-site, and should remain in the auction ring while the sale is in progress
  • There is an enforced maximum speed of 5 mph at all times on the auction premises
  • A vehicles hazard lights will be illuminated when being moved on the premises
  • Protruck staff only are permitted to provide access to vehicle engine bays for inspection or to start a vehicles engine
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated and clearly marked smoking areas
  • If you hear the fire alarm, please make your way out of the main gates without stopping to collect personal belongings, and do not return until an appropriate member of Protruck staff tells you that it is safe to do so

PLEASE NOTE: Protruck, or their staff, shall not be held responsible for any injury or loss which may be suffered by any person on the auction premises before, during and after the sale, which shall be deemed to be at his or her own risk.